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Melanie Cullen, Principal

Melanie Cullen is an avid planner and a blue-chip organizer. She got these traits from her mother - whose death inspired Get It Together. "Even though she was very organized, winding up my mother's affairs required extraordinary effort, significant research, and some guesswork on my part. I vowed then to make the process easier for my daughters."

With this goal in mind, she developed her own planner, organizing all of her important records into a road map for her loved ones. A peace descended - from the comforting organization, but also from the experience of facing her eventual demise. These are several of the benefits in creating a personal planner, both to the person getting organized, as well as to the survivors.

Melanie's publications represent a broad range of interests and include Get It Together: Organize Your Records So Your Family Won't Have To; various articles appearing on the LegacyConnect, Projects@Work, Nolo, and other websites; The 1-2-3 Macro Library; and B2C Internet Practices. She has been interviewed on live radio and for articles relating to project management, making final arrangements, and selecting financial and legal professionals. She has been a featured speaker at conferences sponsored by IBM Corporation and Food Marketing Institute.

Melanie has innate talent for organizing issues and resources for effectiveness. An extract of her professional experience:

  • She is a founder of TerraSys Consulting, Inc., a management and information technology consulting services firm. With the principals of TerraSys Consulting, she created the systems development product, Repeatable Success Red Dot Project Management Methodology.
  • Prior to consulting, she served as Chief Operating Officer for an international wholesale and eFulfillment distributor. She has more than 20 years' experience in executive and Information Technology management.
  • Working with the Menttium 100 Corporation, Melanie has served as a mentor to executives from Charles Schwab & Co., e*TRADE, and California Federal Bank.

She holds an MBA from Stanford University and has received instructor certification from Achieve Global (formerly Zenger-Miller, Inc.) for the FrontLine Leadership series.

Melanie lives in Walnut Creek, California, near loved ones who appreciate that her affairs - and all of the related records - are truly in order.

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